Who’s in charge anyway!!!???

Being a teenager is a tough job.  You are not a child any more, but you are not an adult yet either.  Each day when you wake up, you have no idea how much of that day you will behave like an adult and how much of that day you will behave like a child.  Your parents don’t know the answer to that one either.  Let’s complicate that by realizing that sometimes parents and friends want you to be a child, and sometimes demand you be an adult.  Meanwhile, teachers and employers usually prefer the adult side of you.

Screwing Up

Oh yeah, the way most people learn the big lessons is “the hard way,” so everybody expects you to make mistakes. Be assured that it’s okay to screw up – – it’s just a problem when no one learns the lesson and everybody repeats the same mistake again and again and again.

What to Do

So there are lots of ways to handle all of this tough stuff – – some work well, others really suck, and a few are just plain scary.  If you use drugs and alcohol, cut on yourself or starve yourself, puke on purpose, or think suicide is the answer, call me.

Here are a couple of things about me:

My job is NOT:

…to figure you out – – that’s your job

…to tell you what to do – – your job too

…to tell your parents what to do – – their job


I like working with teens because you are so full of life and promise that we work well together.  Some of my clients from 10 years ago and more call me or drop by to say “hey” and spend some more time catching up – – lots of smiles!


Let me know if I can help!